Hidden Sanctuary – Edogawa Commemorative Garden, East Gosford

Hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of urban life, the Edogawa Commemorative Garden is a suburban sanctuary. Constructed in 1988, the garden is still offering the Central Coast community a beautiful place to absorb some sunshine. Whilst the garden is not vast, it is an intimate space that can be enjoyed over ten  minutes or two hours.

The Edogawa Commemorative Garden, located in East Gosford attached to the Gosford Regional Gallery  and Point Cafe . The garden is free to enter and is open every day from 9:30am – 4:30pm.

Things to do

There is a range of things to do in the garden, for both adults and kids. For us it has been a lovely place to visit to take some photos of the kids, feed the fish and have a wander.

Fish Feeding

You can purchase fish food from the gallery shop for $1 a bag. Fish can be fed on alternate days in winter and every day in summer. We’ve had many fish feeding sessions at the garden and it is always a big hit!

Kids under 4 require close parental supervision as the Koi pond is not fenced.

Find things to do on he Central Coast at Edogawa Gardens

Perfect Spot for feeding the fish at Edogawa

Seek and Draw

On the day Central Coast Weekender visited the garden, Gosford Council provided an activity for kids aged 4 – 8 years old to enjoy. The activity station provided worksheets for the child to explore the garden and find two different types of lanterns and then draw them. The second side of the worksheet involved finding two different types of bridges. For younger children, colouring sheets of Japanese costumes were available.

All textas and pencils are available, along with clipboards for kids to use in the garden.

Great things to do for kids are Edogawa Gardens, East Gosford on the Central Coast

Kids are taken care of at Edogawa Gardens


The meandering pathways and hidden pockets within the garden also provide some entertainment for the kids. On the day we  visited, some running through the pathways was enough entertainment for the six year old!

Central Coast Weekender with things to do in Edogawa Commemorative Garden

Get active in Edogawa Commemorative Garden

School holiday activities

Gosford Council runs special activities in the school holidays at Edogowa. From time to time during school holidays, there are extra opportunities for kids to enjoy the exploring the garden. In the past Central Coast Weekender have enjoyed looking for statues of native animals hidden throughout the gardens, it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Solace for adults 

For adults, grab a book and relax by the pond or in the Japanese Pavillion, stroll through the garden, or practice some photography. Picnics are not allowed within the garden  but the parkland surrounding the garden and gallery has plenty of tables and spaces available.

The garden has tours detailing the Japanese aesthetics of the garden every Wednesday at 11am. To attend, meet at the gallery reception. Guided tours are also available for groups and organisations, call 024304 7550 to book.

Great things to do on the Central Coast at Edogawa Garden Gosford

Find peace in the Edogawa Garden on the Central Coast

Upcoming Events  – Edogowa is turning 21!

This Saturday, 5th September, Gosford Council is holding a 21st birthday celebration for the garden. The celebration is a family day with a host of Japanese activities on offer from 10am to 4pm. Activities include:

  • Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Demonstrations of Japanese flower arranging
  • Presentations about the significance of the Koi fish
  • Themed Storytime by Gosford City Library
  • Visits from the Newcastle Cosplay group; and
  • Japanese craft activities

Entry on the day is free, there is a small charge for some activities.

Enjoy the small things to do at Edogawa garden Gosford


Edogawa Commeorative Garden is located at 36 Webb Street, East Gosford.


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