Fur and Feathers Fun Park @ Narara

Fur and Feathers Fun Park at Narara, explore with Central Coast Weekender.

Simple fun for kids can often be the best. 

A visit to an animal farm used to mean a trip to Sydney or Newcastle, but not anymore!  Central Coast Weekender visited the new Fur and Feathers Fun Park at Narara Valley Nursery during the school holidays to enjoy some gorgeous baby animal cuddles.

The Fur and Feathers Fun Park is up and coming and only opened recently on 27th September. The farm is not a million dollar facility and does make the most of the existing shelters and other recycled materials to create a rustic but fun atmosphere. The vibe is relaxed and kids are welcome to move around the farm freely.

In a day and age where you can hardly take kids to an attraction for less than $50, the Fur and Feathers Fun Park is an affordable activity that won’t break the bank.

The entry fee is $2 for kids and $3 for adults.

Our little adventure cost us $7. Yep, you heard it, $7. For 2 hours of fun!  The entry fee is a donation towards the care of the animals as well as other animal welfare undertaken by the farm.

The farm is suited to all ages from babies right up to adults. The site is pram friendly, so if you have a baby and toddler, get out and go!

The entry shelter houses ducklings, mice, calves and rabbits. The area had enough space to move about freely.

Central Coast Weekender visited the new fur and feathers fun park at Narara Valley Nursery.

Rustic sheltered area with Peter Rabbit, ducklings and calves.

The farm was well staffed. During our visit, we had some special requests for cuddles with Peter the rabbit as well as the ducklings and mice. The staff were more than happy to assist and give a one on one chance to have a cuddle. That said, the welfare of the animals was always put first and they were rested when it was clear that they were getting tired of the love!

The staff also ran group sessions for kids at the ducklings and the chickens. Kids were welcome to join the group to learn about the animals and have a cuddle.

Peter the Rabbit at Fur and Feathers Fun Park Narara Valley Nursery.

Peter the Rabbit was a big hit! Very cuddly and loves kids.


Duckling cuddles at Fur and Feathers Fun Park Narara Valley Nursery.

Duckling cuddles

The farm also has a larger outdoor area that houses the goats, chickens and ponies. The day we visited was pretty warm, but there was enough shade to move in and out of the sun. For the rest of the year though, make sure you take some sunscreen with you.  We really underestimated how long we would stay!!

Fur and Feathers Fun Park at Narara

Outdoor space at the Farm – Frizzle Chickens were pretty cute!

The kids (the furry kind!) were the cutest little pals to meet at the farm. By far a favourite, they were very friendly and happy around kids. The outdoor area housed around 4-5 goats. If your little one is a little unsure when meeting animals, we did find that the space was large enough to watch from afar. It took a while, but in the end feeding the little cuties was too hard to resist for this 3 year old!

Central Coast Weekender

Feeding the baby goats at the farm. Absolute favourite.

In addition to all the animals there was also a small jumping castle for kids to enjoy. It was nothing too fancy, but the kids don’t care, at least a third of our visit was spent bouncing around….

Central Coast Weekender

Getting bouncing!

The farm is run by a pair of friendly ladies that run Fur and Feathers Downunder in Gosford. A large proportion of the animals at the farm are rescued or unwanted pets. Fur and Feathers Downunder was caring for these animals regardless of opening the farm. The farm was opened to provide the opportunity for kids to enjoy the animals, learn about animal welfare and provide extra funding to support further animal welfare work being carried out.


Fur and Feathers Fun Park is located at 2 Manns Road, Narara. It is located at the rear of Narara Valley Nursery. Just head through the nursery to the back and you will find the entry gate.

Opening Hours

During school holidays, the farm is open every day.  In a normal week, the farm is open Thursday and Friday and on the weekends.

We had a great time at the Fur and Feathers Fun Park, it really was some good old fashioned fun.

Central Coast Weekender Jen and Allie

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  • Reply Alison October 9, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    What a cool idea – will have to check it out!

  • Reply natalie October 10, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    Great place to visit the kids can get up close to the animals

  • Reply Jo-Anne Palmer May 2, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    Hey you terrific humans, my son is turning 5 and he shares a rare disability with his 7yr old sister….I have been to the nursery and I need more to celebrate his making it to 5….can you have the farm by 23 June 2017?

    • Reply Jen and Allie May 9, 2017 at 1:37 pm

      Hi Jo-Anne,
      Unfortunately, we aren’t the right contacts for you. We have just covered the farm in an article for the blog. You will want to get in touch with Fur and Feathers directly on 0426 835 233.

      Good luck! Allie

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