Climb On @ Treetops Adventure Park – Central Coast

Treetops Adventure Park Central Coast

Drive in the gate and find yourself relaxing to the summer sound of cicadas drumming in the tree tops. Feel the cool morning air settling near the ground and then look up…

Some of you will go YEAH! and some of you will go OH BOY! and start thinking twice. But don’t, Treetops Adventure Park – Central Coast, offers one of the most unique travel experiences on the Central Coast.  It’s not just for adults either, kids can get in on the action and test their limits.

Treetops for Kids

Treetops for Kids is designed to challenge gross motor skills, give a thrill and a sense of adventure.  The kids course includes three circuits that loop through the trees ending with a flying fox ride.

The course is a series of segments each with a different climbing challenge, walkway or bridge. The design is creative and loads of fun!

Kids Course at Treetops adventure park central coast

Kids course @ Treetops Adventure Park Central Coast

Central Coast Weekender tested out the kids course with a six year old. She was a little tentative a first, but after the first few leaps and bounds it was the best thing EVER!

kids course at treetops adventure park central coast

Flying solo on the kids course

Kids down to the age of 4 and up to 15 yrs were on the course at the same time. They happily managed to navigate the course. Kids over the age of 3 can take on the course, however, they may struggle with the gross motor skills on parts of the course.

Parents must supervise from the course grounds, but adults are not allowed to climb on the kids course.  If your child would need you on the course with them, it might be worth waiting a few years.

Treetops staff are available throughout to course to offer tips and assistance to the kids scaling the ropes. The staff were friendly and helpful during our visit.

A continuous belay safety system keeps kids safely attached so they can focus on climbing, swinging, leaping and flying. Known as the trusty Koala, the belay system is introduced to kids in a fun way that is easy to understand.

Treetops adventure park central coast

Friendly Koala keeps kids attached to the course at all times.

Allow 2 hours for the kids course including safety briefing time.

Cost | $28 – $38

The kids experience was outstanding for us. Two hours was plenty of time to exhaust a 6 year old! We had a brilliant morning relaxing in the bush watching, laughing and cheering the kids on as they tested themselves out on the course.

Treetops for Adults

Adventure awaits even the keenest of adults at Treetops Adventure Park. A series of four courses that climb higher and higher into the canopy will test your limits and get some adrenalin pumping.

Treetops Adventure Park Central Coast

Get Up There!

There are exit points between each course where you can opt out of the bigger challenges.  The last course reaches some pretty dizzy heights so it may not be for everyone!

The course starts out at a happy two metres and under, gently easing you into the experience. The course looked challenging in parts, but simple in others.

Treetops adventure park central coast

Seek adventure and challenge

The flying foxes were singing out through the bush as participants whipped through the trees. Parts of the adults course soared over the kids course, with adults zipping past before disappearing into the trees again.

Treetops adventure park central coast

Soar on by on the Flying Fox

The course is self guided. The team climbing included two adults and 3 teenagers. All were seen to be having loads of fun!

Allow 2 to 3 hours for the experience. The courses can only be completed once. Kids aged 10 to 15 yrs must have an adult climb with them and need to be at least 1.4 metres tall.

The adults course is suitable for kids 10yrs +, with the black course reserved for kids 16yrs+.

Cost | $48

Want more?

Nocturnal Climbing

Join a night climb. Available by booking only, climb at night and spot nocturnal wildlife in action. The night climb is restricted to 16yrs + and is available for groups 10 to 20 people.

Treetops Crazy Rider

A unique zip line rollercoaster is also on offer at Treetops Adventure Park. Two lines – the Pioneer and Xtreme are a one off experience for participants 7yrs+.

Crazy Rider at Treetops Adventure Park Central Coast

Wild ride on the Crazy Rider

The Pioneer is 330m long (around 1.5 mins ride) and the Xtreme 1km long (around 5mins ride). The ride features 40 curves, four 360 degree loops and a 540 degree circle around a tree.  The ride is suitable for people of all abilities and requires no special skills or knowledge to participate.

The ride is a pretty expensive experience as it is a one off ride. However, riders we met on the day thought it was worth it. Combo tickets for both rides are available but combo tickets between the Crazy Rider and the Treetops course are not.  The cost is hard to judge from our perspective as we have not ridden the Crazy Rider.  From start to finish the experience requires around 75 mins.

Pioneer (330m) 

7-17yrs | $29

18+ | $39

Xtreme (1km)

7-17 yrs | $69

18+ | $79

Need to Know

Opening Hours

Every Day except Christmas Day.

During daylight savings 9am to 6pm otherwise 9am to 4:30pm (weekends) and 10am to 4:30pm (weekdays).

The black course closes one hour before the park closing time.

Before You Go

  • The maximum weight for the course is 120kg.
  • An adult must accompany under 16’s on all courses, with a maximum of four kids per adult.
  • The black course is for 16+
  • You will need enclosed shoes.
  • Bring your own gloves or purchase some at the park for $2 to $5 (adults course).
  • The course is not recommended for pregnant women, people with back injuries, heart conditions or injuries affecting mobility or endurance.

There are a range of other requirements that can be found on the Treetops Adventure Park website.

Safety first @Treetops Adventure Park

Safety first @Treetops Adventure Park


Bookings are highly recommended can be made via phone or through the website. Don’t go to the park without a booking and not expect to wait.

Bookings are available every half hour.  The website identifies the time slots available and is easy to use.

Remember: Adults can not climb on the kids course. Adults and kids can only participate on the ropes course together if the child is 10yrs+.


Treetops Adventure Park – Central Coast is located at 1 Red Hill Road, Wyong Creek just off the M1 motorway approximately 1 hour north of Sydney.


Have you checked out Treetops? What did you think?

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