Riding with a View – Saratoga to Kincumber

Point to Pelican cycleway with Central Coast Weekender.

One of the most beautiful stretches of the Point to Pelican Cycleway sneaks in behind Saratoga. You can ride from Saratoga to Kincumber. It is an easy ride for kids, with a varying view and a park at the end of the ride for some free play. Sound pretty good?

Bright, sunny and beautiful - bike riding central coast

Bright, sunny and beautiful

You can join the footpath at Davistown Road, however if you are riding with kids you may prefer starting on Broadwater Drive to avoid crossing the busy road.

The footpath ambles along the edge of Kincumber Broadwater. A great place to stop and turn around is Kincumber Playground. From our experience with kids under 5 the ride from Davistown to the park and back is too far. Start further down the footpath on Broadwater Drive, Saratoga or have a bike that you can push.

The footpath has some variety, starting with a raised walkway, then an open concrete footpath along the water and then short forested section (that supposedly contains drop bears!).

Saratoga to Kincumber Bike Path. Point to Pelican cycleway Bike Riding Central Coast

Raised platform through wetland


This section of the path starts on Davistown Road, Saratoga. Alternatively, start at Sea Breeze Avenue at Kincumber and ride back towards Saratoga.  The bike path also extends to Carrak Road Kincumber which is a shorter, but less interesting ride to the playground.

Distance | From Davistown Road Approx 2km | From Broadwater Drive as little as 750m depending on where you join the path

Facilities | There are toilets available at the playground.

Do you have a favourite cycling location?

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