Playtime @ Kincumber Indoor Sports

Playtime Kincumber Indoor Sports

Have you ever been stuck inside on a rainy day, is it too hot to play outside at the park or are you looking for somewhere to meet up for kids to play together?

Playtime @ Kincumber Indoor Sports might be what you are looking for. You will find a range of equipment for kids to enjoy including:

  • Jumping castle
  • Large blow up slide
  • Cubby houses
  • Small swings
  • Ball Pits
  • Cars
  • Foam covered blocks for climbing and building

The Central Coast Weekender kids have enjoyed many a play here with the definite favourite being the large blow up slide.

Playtime at Kincumber Indoor sports

Jumbo slide – Kids Only!

The equipment is cleverly spread out over the length of the building. The secure gated entry allows you to see your children whilst they are having fun and hopefully get a chance to sit down for a few minutes if you want to!
Playtime is for children 7 and under only. Central Coast Weekender has found the best value here is for children that are of preschool or toddler age. Unlike a range of other play centres on the Central Coast, Playtime requires no extra assistance for young kids from an adult as it is suited to young children. It allows for independent play.  The age limit also means that the big kids aren’t colliding with two year olds and causing accidents.

Admission Time & Cost

Time | 9am – 3pm daily
Cost  | Under 10 months Free  |  10 months – 2 years $7  |  2 years – 7 years $10  |  Adults Free

For older children

A rock climbing wall is available for use up to 9pm for a cost of $12 per child / $14 per adult (for approximately 1 hours climbing time.) It has runs to 9.5 metres with 10 climbing stations and up to 40 climbing runs of varying difficulty.

Climbing wall, Kincumber Indoor Sports

The only traditional indoor rock climbing on the Central Coast

If you would like to experience the rock climbing wall you do need to ring ahead to book so that an instructor is available to demonstrate how to safely undertake this activity.

Utilising the climbing wall would be a great way for families or groups with a varied age range to combine a visit to Playtime for the younger children with the older kids enjoying a session on the rock climbing wall.

Kincumber Indoor Sports also has a school holiday sports programs that is worth enquiring. Contact 02 4368 3197 for more information.


You will find seating and tables set out beside the play equipment at Playtime and a café menu is available if you would like a hot drink or perhaps some food.

Management does ask though that only fruit or baby food is brought in to the centre, which from our experience is a fairly standard practice across local play centres.

Toilets are located inside the building.

Location and Parking

You will find Playtime at 19 Cochrone St, Kincumber. Parking spaces are available in the car park directly out the front of the building or across the road.

Have you discovered an indoor activity during this wet weather?

Central Coast Weekender Jen and Allie

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