Secret Swim Spots of the Central Coast

swim spots for kids on the central coast with central coast weekender

An uncrowded swim is a wonderful thing! Central Coast Weekender is on a mission to uncover the secret swim spots of the Central Coast.

Our first secret swim spot for 2016 is the Davistown Tidal Pool. It’s a spot where you can relax on the grass while the kids get busy.

Calm, shallow and easily accessed. The tidal pool at Davistown is one of the best kept secrets on the Central Coast. Located on the shore of Cockle Chanel, the Davistown Tidal Pool is part of the Gosford Council operated Pine Avenue Playground.


The tidal pool has a small sandy beach easily accessed from the grassy foreshore of Illoura Reserve. The pool is reasonably well protected and is suitable in most conditions. The beach is small but still usable during high tide. During low tide the kids can roam up to 15 metres from the shore on the adjacent mud flats. During low tide the pool stays reasonably full.

The tidal pool is reedy out further from the shore, but safe for standing. Close to shore the pool is sandy.

Illoura Reserve provides ample room for a picnic along the shore line while the kids play.  The reserve offers the opportunity not just for summer time fun but a winter’s picnic too! You can see along the reserve for a few hundred metres, a great place for a bit of free range fun.

Illoura Reserve Davistown

Relax in the shade and have dinner by the water

Playground Fun

A kids playground is located within the same reserve as the Pirate Park.  There is around 50 metres between the tidal pool and the playground so it is difficult to supervise kids in both areas. For under 4’s it really needs to be one or the other. School aged children could play in the park with supervision from the pool area.

Pirate Park and facilities at Pine Avenue Davistown

Pirate Park and facilities at Pine Avenue Davistown

Things to Know

The tidal pool is within an urban area and can be affected by lower water quality after heavy rain.


A small carpark and street parking is located footsteps from the tidal pool.


Public toilets are located directly behind the tidal pool and have been recently re-constructed by Gosford Council. There is also a new cold water shower for a wash off.  Drinking water is available from taps near the toilet block.

There are no stores around the reserve. However some cafes and takeaway shops are a few blocks away.

There are picnic tables located around the tidal pool area as part of Illoura Reserve. There is plenty of dry grass area for picnicking.


The Davistown Tidal Pool is located at the end of Pine Avenue Davistown.

Do you have a local swim spot that you love?

Central Coast Weekender Jen and Allie

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