Bushwalking – Kanning Cave, Kincumba Mt Reserve

Bushwalking Kincumber Mt Reserve

If you are looking for a simple, easy to manage bushwalk to enjoy the Aussie bush but without venturing very far then Central Coast Weekender has a great recommendation for you.

We recently reviewed Kincumba Mountain Reserve as a top spot for a picnic on the Central Coast and while we were there we took the chance undertake the short bushwalk to visit our favourite “bear cave” aka the Kanning Cave.

Now don’t be to too concerned, there are no real bears living there but somehow over the years our family have given the Kanning Cave found in the Reserve this name based on the classic children’s story book  “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, where a family goes on an adventure to find a bear living in a cave.

Bushwalking Kincumber Mt Reserve

Walk Description

The walk heads off at the gated fire trail just south of the carpark (the one closest to the toilets), marked Kanning Walk. Head straight ahead along the fire trail, turn right at the end and head downhill.

bushwalking at Kincumber Mountain

The track passes beside the base of several large rock formations which are spectacular to admire and there are many beautiful tall trees in the surrounding bush. If you look closely as you pass  you can really appreciate the beauty of the Australian bush.

Bushwalking central coast, kincumber mountain

After around 300 metres from the beginning of the trail you will come across the entrance to the cave. It is on the left, between two boulders but it is not actually marked so make sure you don’t walk past it. When you arrive see if you can spot the bear! Or, enjoy the cooler air and wonder what it might be like to live in a cave.

For adventurous types there is a tunnel in the back corner which leads to another cavern but you would definitely need a torch for this one and some bravery to explore further!

We did notice some leeches here when we visited so keep an eye out as you explore.

The Kanning Walk does complete a 1 km circuit but we have always retraced our steps and returned the same way back to the carpark.

Kincumber Mountain

Age suitability

We have taken children as young as two on this bushwalk and with a guiding hand to help them it is manageable. However,  there are some steps to manage, leaf littler can build up along the track making the surface slippery, there are some exposed tree roots and muddy sections after heavy rain, so watch your step on the path. It is not suitable for strollers.

Bushwalking Central Coast, Kincumber Mountain Reserve



Honeman’s Picnic Area is the main open space of Kincumba Mountain Reserve. Bring a picnic to enjoy before or after your walk to the cave. There are picnic tables and BBQ’s available for use here.

Council maintains the newly refurbished toilet block provided for visitor use, when we visited it was clean and tidy.

Hours of operation

Access to the reserve and therefore the walk is from 7am – 6pm in the winter and 7am – 8pm during daylight savings.  The reserve is closed during total fire bans.


Access to Kincumba Mountain Reserve is from Island View Drive, via Kincumber Street, Kincumber. There is ample parking for visitors next to the picnic area.

Have you walked to the bear cave? Or perhaps you have completed the full Kanning Walk? Send us a comment and let us know what you thought? We would love to hear from you.

Central Coast Weekender Jen and Allie

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