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Windy and cold weather can be off putting at this time of the year. A warm and calm destination to head to is Gosford Regional Gallery.  We regularly head to the adjacent Japanese Gardens to enjoy the sunshine and feed the fish. But a stop at the gallery and a coffee at the Point Cafe this week was a lovely outing and a peaceful escape from the wind.

Gosford Regional Galley has a series of three small and intimate spaces. The gallery is host to a diverse range of local, national and international exhibitions. Art of all kinds including visual art, photography, sculpture and design, established and emerging artists, traditional, new and original work.


The small space is a great way to introduce art to kids of all ages. You may even have had your own artwork displayed as part of local competitions such as the Gosford Art Prize.

The exhibitions are typically suitable for children, however it is worth familiarising yourself with what is on if you are attending with young children.  Central Coast Weekender had an interesting visit with a six year old and a rather macabre exhibition, equaling a quick exit!

The exhibitions currently on display are definitely worth a visit!

Reconciliation Exhibition

This will be the fourteenth year Gosford City Council has hosted Reconciliation exhibition, in conjunction with NSW Fair Trading.

This event provides an opportunity for local indigenous and non-indigenous artists to showcase their work about reconciliation. The exhibition is a great opportunity to discuss reconciliation and indigenous culture with your kids.


Stunning and full of life

Robert Bennetts


I like that one!

Robert Bennetts rich abstract colour fields fall loosely within the genre of landscape. This exhibition is inspired by the distinctive landscape of the Central Coast. It examines the relationship between bodies of water, land and sky.

The exhibition will open on Friday 27 May at 6.30 pm and run until Sunday 26 June.


Imagining Victory

Imagining Victory is a significant solo exhibition by leading Australian artist Richard Bell, centred on a trilogy of recent video projects. The exhibition, developed by Artspace and toured by Museums and Galleries of NSW, presents the artist’s highly acclaimed and provocative works Scratch an Aussie (2008) and Broken English (2009) as well as the series’ culminating new work The Dinner Party (2013).

Milani gallery in Queensland specialises in Australian contemporary art and has been kind enough to lend Gosford Regional Gallery some two dimensional works by Richard Bell.

The exhibition will open on Friday 27 May at 6.30 pm and run until Sunday 17 July.

Point Cafe

The Point Cafe is located adjacent to the gallery spaces and is a tasty opportunity to extend your visit to the gallery. The Point Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and great coffee.

The Point Cafe is open 7 days a week from 9 am – 3:30 pm.

Edogawa Japanese Gardens

A favourite spot of Central Coast Weekender and many people from across the Central Coast, the japanese gardens are always a hit in the sunshine or on a cold and cloudy day.

Check out our post on the japanese gardens from 2015 here.

 Have you enjoyed art culture on the Central Coast? Where do you enjoy going?

Central Coast Weekender Jen and Allie

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